A Wonka’s guide to advanced search operators

wonkaMost people already know Followerwonk is an extremely valuable tool for any SEO, I’ve been using it more and more of late for all manner of task related to social media stalking. (I’ve even been using it to find suppliers for eCommerce stores)

Even with the free access there’s a lot you can get out of Wonk, in particular from the Bio Search if you’re looking for connections. Anybody using this search often is sure to have experimented with some of the basic search operators already.

Disappointingly for search geeks though there’s very little documentation (I couldn’t find it at least) on getting more advanced with your queries unless you want to dig through the Sphinx reference manual. In truth it’s not a great read so I’ve pulled out a few gems which have been useful to me in the past, hopefully you’ll find a use for them too

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Pinterest Competitor Analysis Bookmarklet

I’ve been working recently with a site which has huge potential for social sharing as a traffic source and as such I’ve obviously been sniffing around their main competitors to see what’s working for them. There’s been much talk about Pinterest as a potential traffic source, econsultancy also wrote a piece on pinterest driving more sales than Facebook, but until now I’ve never actually gotten that involved. I guess many of you will be the same.

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Twitter competitions to grow your followers

Damn it I love Twitter, and I recently had the pleasure of engaging with one of my favorite local businesses (Moddershall Oaks Spa Staffordshire) who were looking for idea’s to quickly grow their Twitter account with relevant and targeted followers. (That’s right, I dropped them an anchor text link, what of it?)

I have to admit these guys already do a great job with their social media efforts anyway so I was delighted that they listened to my ideas and that they achieved the results they wanted in UNDER 24 hours. Here a few of the idea’s that helped them do it.

(and they did most of them without me even mentioning it – Muchos Kudos)

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5 Top SEO Agency Circles for Google+

I’ve been trying to spend a little bit more time over on Google+ over the past couple of weeks and it’s definitely growing on me, until now the only social network I’ve frequented on a daily basis has been Twitter and that still takes up a large chunk of my day although it’s taken a Google+ shaped hit recently.

One of the features of Google+ which got a lot of praise after the initial launch was the ability to create various circles in order to segment those people/pages you are following and it’s definitely a feature I’ve found really handy as I have been adding new people to my fold. One thing which I have been doing is seeking out some of my favourite SEO’s and Internet Marketing hero’s and also the key agencies these guys are often a part of.

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Sharing is Caring: 10 Tips To Get Your Content “Out There”

1.  Write Good Stuff Damn it!

This one has been done to death but if you don’t have content that is at least decent it stands almost no chance of being shared by anybody. I would stress that you don’t have to write killer content every single time, just writing decent stuff coupled with more of the tips below will get you shares. Similarly, just having immense content and doing nothing else is probably not going to get you anywhere.

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How to Lose Twitter Followers and Influence Nobody

I’m sure many of us have found ourselves in this situation, we have a Twitter account which we update regularly with “quality content” for our own personal amusement doing all the “right” things. Before you know it you’ve got hundreds or if you’re terribly unlucky thousands of followers hanging on your every word. I mean, who needs that sort of pressure? I can’t even pee in a public toilet if there’s a guy within 2 urinals.

So what can you do to get rid of these stalkers so obsessed with you and what you have to say? I’m not talking about the bots and spammers, these guys won’t cause you any trouble. I’m talking about those guys who actually read your tweets, retweet you (to even more stalkers) and even, in the worst cases, try to interact with you. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of  having an account which has got out of hand don’t panic, there are a number of steps you can take which will see your follower count drop like a stone.

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Awesome SEO’s you probably don’t follow on Twitter (but should!)

I use Twitter A LOT (probably too much in fact) in order to stay up to date with all the great ideas and thinking going on in the SEO community, I think that’s mainly because I’m lazy and can only stay interested for up to 140 characters (sometimes).

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