The Ultimate Link Building Query Generator

Many of you will have caught this post from Jayson over at SEO Teky where he introduced us to his pretty sweet guest post finding tool.

The “Guest Post Query Generator” fetched keyword derivatives from UberSuggest and then generated the Google search query for each of these in real time. I was really impressed with how brilliantly simple this tool was, you simply put in your search term, wait a couple of seconds and you’re ready to rock.

Not only was I impressed but it made me think, could you use this spreadsheet to generate other queries for link building?

Guest posting is one of the hot tactics on the link building scene, possibly too hot as discussed by Chairman Cutts in the video below (Kudos to AJ Kohn for asking the question!) but it’s not the only tactic in the SEO’s toolbox.

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Paying for links (but not buying them)

One of the SEO issues most talked about since I have been involved the industry is the paid link. People freak out at the very idea of buying a link, anybody who does such a thing will be cast into Google hell, never to be returned right? Well, maybe, and I’m certainly not advocating the buying of links by any means, the guidelines are extremely clear on the topic. But are there ways to pay money and get links, without explicitly buying links? Yes, there are…

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Link building WITHOUT writing great content

“Content is king” is the old Link Building mantra which is trotted out time and time again in almost every article you will read on the subject (except this one, apart from that once…)

All too often though people see the word “content” and instantly think articles, lists, how too’s or some other kind of text-based content. In truth these are all solid tactics (if implemented well) but for many business owners, and at times myself, sitting down in front of a screen and bashing out 1000 words for that “Killer content” just isn’t an option week in week out. Unfortunately we’re not all gifted writers.  [Read more...]

How fatherhood made me a better link builder

I’m sincerely grateful to say I am now the father of 2 beautiful and healthy children since my wife gave birth to our second just a few short months ago. Fatherhood (and motherhood I guess) is the biggest learning experience you will ever undertake, I’m continually gaining and enhancing skills on a daily basis and I believe that will be the case for many years to come, probably forever.

It’s absolutely true to say that these skills are now in my armoury to be utilised in all aspects of my home and work life and, having looked back over the last few years since our first child was born I’m certain the skills below have made me a better link builder.

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Getting a ton of eCommerce traffic with Blog Giveaways

Donating products for other websites to use as competition prizes is a tried and tested link building tactic which can work extremely well for all kinds of sites, especially eCommerce. Not only can it bring valuable inbound links to your site it’s an excellent way to get your brand “out there” and connect with potential customers.

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