6 reasons your eCommerce store NEEDS Google Webmaster Tools

logoJust in case there are store owners reading who are yet to discover Google’s Webmaster tools (WMT) it really is an essential bit of kit for pretty much anybody interested in generating search traffic to their website, and eCommerce store’s are well and truly in that bracket. In fact, it’s safe to say that it’s rare for me to come across an eCommerce store where the majority of traffic isn’t coming from Google on a day to day basis.

Webmaster tools is free service offered up by Google containing a number of insights into your eCommerce store which will help to identify issues, suggest improvements and discover how your site is viewed by the internet power house. If you are in the eCommerce biz and don’t have a WMT account hopefully by the end of this post you’ll be convinced it’s work your time.

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Source Suppliers For Your Online Store In One Hour (or less)

opening_soonOver the last 5 years I’ve been heavily involved with eCommerce sites, both my own and as a consultant working with others. Being around this community for so long I’ve seen an amazing growth in the number of people wanting to start an online store for various good reasons but I find they often come up with the same issue very early on in their journey.

How to find brands to supply their new store?

It’s true that for somebody looking into starting an online business the quest of finding reliable, trustworthy suppliers in your chosen niche can be daunting. I recall spending weeks when setting up my first store searching Google for “niche keyword” + wholesale/supplier/trade….it doesn’t work.

Correction. It does work, but not very well.

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How eCommerce websites can (almost) passively attract links

You and I both know that proactively chasing links is a tiring and often tedious business.

What if I said there was a set and forget way for you to earn links whilst you sleep without lifting a finger? You’d probably think I was about to go spamtastic on you and start preaching the benefits of some push button comment posting software.

Fear not. This is far more interesting.

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Getting a ton of eCommerce traffic with Blog Giveaways

Donating products for other websites to use as competition prizes is a tried and tested link building tactic which can work extremely well for all kinds of sites, especially eCommerce. Not only can it bring valuable inbound links to your site it’s an excellent way to get your brand “out there” and connect with potential customers.

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5 Must-Haves for the Perfect Product Page

So, today I want to talk a little about a part of eCommerce which is both extremely important and very often badly executed – The product page. I’ve been involved in many eCommerce stores spanning a wide range of markets as an SEO consultant, not only that but I’ve also had a couple of online stores myself. The fact that most of my shopping is done online too means that I can come at this subject from a number of angles, SEO consultant, store owner and shopper.  [Read more...]