Meet your SEO (The Takeover!) : Alessio Madeyski

Hello, and welcome to “Meet your SEO“…The Takeover!! For those of you who don’t know (where have you been??) my good buddy Alessio Madeyski (twitter) has been running a fantastic series of interviews featuring great SEO’s from all over the world. I had the honour of  being the first person to be featured in the series and have been hooked ever since. It’s not that often that I read SEO interviews but I never miss one of these. 

Alessio is dedicated to becoming a famous and well respected SEO. Don’t believe me? Well check out the yellow background AND facial hair! Remind you of anybody?

Alessio is a scientist (molecular biologist know less!) turned SEO coming out of his beautiful homeland of Italy, he is well travelled and has lived across Europe, finally settleing (for the moment) in Berlin, Germany. Currently he is the SEO Manager for well know eCom company Zalando looking after their Scandinavian and Italian operation.

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5 Top SEO Agency Circles for Google+

I’ve been trying to spend a little bit more time over on Google+ over the past couple of weeks and it’s definitely growing on me, until now the only social network I’ve frequented on a daily basis has been Twitter and that still takes up a large chunk of my day although it’s taken a Google+ shaped hit recently.

One of the features of Google+ which got a lot of praise after the initial launch was the ability to create various circles in order to segment those people/pages you are following and it’s definitely a feature I’ve found really handy as I have been adding new people to my fold. One thing which I have been doing is seeking out some of my favourite SEO’s and Internet Marketing hero’s and also the key agencies these guys are often a part of.

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How eCommerce websites can (almost) passively attract links

You and I both know that proactively chasing links is a tiring and often tedious business.

What if I said there was a set and forget way for you to earn links whilst you sleep without lifting a finger? You’d probably think I was about to go spamtastic on you and start preaching the benefits of some push button comment posting software.

Fear not. This is far more interesting.

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Sharing is Caring: 10 Tips To Get Your Content “Out There”

1.  Write Good Stuff Damn it!

This one has been done to death but if you don’t have content that is at least decent it stands almost no chance of being shared by anybody. I would stress that you don’t have to write killer content every single time, just writing decent stuff coupled with more of the tips below will get you shares. Similarly, just having immense content and doing nothing else is probably not going to get you anywhere.

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SEO Rappers Delight #SEOMusic

One of the things I love most about the SEO community is the people, some of the friendliest, intelligent and most inspirational folks I have come across are working in this industry. Another thing which stands out about the people and which is something I can totally identify with is their love of music. Alessio compiled a great piece a little while ago “Now that’s what SEO’s call music” which was an amazing insight into what SEO’s listen to when plying their trade.

I don’t know what it is about the industry but it seems that every other SEO I come across is/was/wants to be a rapper and that’s cool with me. I’ve pulled together some of the best SEO related raps for your entertainment.

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How to Lose Twitter Followers and Influence Nobody

I’m sure many of us have found ourselves in this situation, we have a Twitter account which we update regularly with “quality content” for our own personal amusement doing all the “right” things. Before you know it you’ve got hundreds or if you’re terribly unlucky thousands of followers hanging on your every word. I mean, who needs that sort of pressure? I can’t even pee in a public toilet if there’s a guy within 2 urinals.

So what can you do to get rid of these stalkers so obsessed with you and what you have to say? I’m not talking about the bots and spammers, these guys won’t cause you any trouble. I’m talking about those guys who actually read your tweets, retweet you (to even more stalkers) and even, in the worst cases, try to interact with you. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of  having an account which has got out of hand don’t panic, there are a number of steps you can take which will see your follower count drop like a stone.

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Paying for links (but not buying them)

One of the SEO issues most talked about since I have been involved the industry is the paid link. People freak out at the very idea of buying a link, anybody who does such a thing will be cast into Google hell, never to be returned right? Well, maybe, and I’m certainly not advocating the buying of links by any means, the guidelines are extremely clear on the topic. But are there ways to pay money and get links, without explicitly buying links? Yes, there are…

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A very British SEO interview

Since I started updating this blog at the beginning of 2012 it has been one of my ambitions to interview some of the people who have been influential in my continuing journey to become a better SEO. There are a handful of SEO’s I’ve stuck with over probably the last 4 years or more, sure, my head’s been turned now and again by the latest Guru/Ninja/Jedi but it’s never for long, I always come back to my old friends.

It took me a while to come up with an interview “angle” because I didn’t want this to just be a standard, here are some questions, let’s get a bunch of SEO’s to answer them. After making my to 5 list of interview candidates it came to me, I’ll do a British theme! You can be the judge of how well I stuck to it..

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Awesome SEO’s you probably don’t follow on Twitter (but should!)

I use Twitter A LOT (probably too much in fact) in order to stay up to date with all the great ideas and thinking going on in the SEO community, I think that’s mainly because I’m lazy and can only stay interested for up to 140 characters (sometimes).

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An alternative to “Inbound Marketing”? (Poll)

I awoke this morning to see a flurry of activity jamming up my Twitter feed talking about possible alternatives to the “Inbound Marketing” phrase. I know many people in the industry are not completely comfortable with the term (myself included) so I was extremely interested to see the alternatives being suggested. The debate itself had been sparked by Rand Fiskin (co-founder of himself, credit to Rand for putting the question “out there”.

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