Why I share my drafts, and you should too

I know lots of bloggers like to keep their post top secret until the very moment they hit publish, I guess they’re worried that if they say too much somebody else might write something similar, or they like to be enigmatic and their subjects secret. Or maybe they just don’t care what anybody else thinks? That’s cool, and in some ways I’m the same. The difference however is that I almost always share my drafts with a number of SEO’s day’s before hitting publish (except this one, oh the irony).

I never really intended this to specifically be a tactic for my posts, it just sort of happened a few times and I was getting some real benefits for both myself and my blog. The reason it came about in the first instance was essentially because this blog is still pretty new (started in Jan 2012) and I wanted to get a bit of guidance from the bloggers I looked up to, hoping they would throw a bit of their magic my way.

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Pinterest Competitor Analysis Bookmarklet

I’ve been working recently with a site which has huge potential for social sharing as a traffic source and as such I’ve obviously been sniffing around their main competitors to see what’s working for them. There’s been much talk about Pinterest as a potential traffic source, econsultancy also wrote a piece on pinterest driving more sales than Facebook, but until now I’ve never actually gotten that involved. I guess many of you will be the same.

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What If Every Industry Recruited Like Online Marketing?

Below is a guest post from the one and only Joel Klettke or, as you lady’s may know him the best looking man in the world. Joel is (in my opinion) one of the best writers in the industry right now, always funny, direct and above all honest….enjoy..

From ridiculous job titles to insane experience requirements, almost no other industry has job postings more entertaining to read or patently absurd than online marketing.

We as an industry can’t seem to decide whether we want to call employees “inbound marketers”, “SEO’s”, “earned media acquisition specialists”, “Fancy, prancy magic men” or any other string of bizarre descriptors. Then there are the pandering job descriptions, designed to make every company sound “fun” & “edgy” as though including the fact that you have beer on Fridays sings the siren song of “incredible company culture!” – and let us not forget the “DO EVERYTHING!” positions we all covet so badly.

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10 Incentives to Increase Your Guest Post Acceptance Rate [Outreach Examples]

Below is a guest post from Peter Attia (follow him on Twitter guys!) Thanks to Peter for putting this together…enjoy!

By now, everyone is familiar with the dos and don’ts of guest blogging best practices. However, this doesn’t help you with your response rate of getting a guest post. Once you get a response from a blogger, your acceptance rate sky rockets; making it an important part of your outreach.

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Ask the Agency: Koozai

Today I have the great honor of interviewing 6 members of one of the most well known digital marketing agencies in the UK – Koozai. I recently dropped a guest post over on the Koozai blog, and managed to get them to agree to do this in return. Yeah, I know. They rock!

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Source Suppliers For Your Online Store In One Hour (or less)

opening_soonOver the last 5 years I’ve been heavily involved with eCommerce sites, both my own and as a consultant working with others. Being around this community for so long I’ve seen an amazing growth in the number of people wanting to start an online store for various good reasons but I find they often come up with the same issue very early on in their journey.

How to find brands to supply their new store?

It’s true that for somebody looking into starting an online business the quest of finding reliable, trustworthy suppliers in your chosen niche can be daunting. I recall spending weeks when setting up my first store searching Google for “niche keyword” + wholesale/supplier/trade….it doesn’t work.

Correction. It does work, but not very well.

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The Benefits of Free Stuff for Brands #freebieman

Before we get into this I’d just like to say a big thanks to Mike for agreeing to let me publish an extract from his book for this blog post, I’d also like to wish him a happy birthday! (or ‘appy both’dee as we say here in Stoke) …enjoy..

Below is an exclusive extract from “Free Stuff Everyday”, the book by Mike Essex which explains how to build a brand by giving away freebies. If you enjoy this post be sure to check out Mike’s experiment that is happening today (!) which you can help with by visiting the Koozai website

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Mastering Inbound Marketing with 43 Free Ebooks

I’m a firm believer that there is a ton of great information and insight available about many aspects of inbound marketing  all over the internet and much of it is completely free of charge. 100% Gratis. In fact, I don’t “Believe” this, it’s just a fact, deal with it.

There’s often a stigma attached to anything “free”, people think that free means it has no value but nothing could be further from the truth in many cases. Giving away free eBooks and white papers is a legitimate inbound tactic in it’s own right, and if they are not great quality you’re doing it wrong. Now to be clear, by “free” I mean they don’t cost any money, you may need to hand over an email address, or pay with a Tweet but I promise, not a single credit card or paypal account required.

I’ve created this list of 38 (Now 43!) free eBooks and white papers from various sources, some I used myself when I was learning the trade, some I’ve picked up more recently and the rest have been recommended to me or are from trusted sources. This is going to be a work in progress so feel free to add your own recommendations in the comments and I’ll consider adding them to the list.

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Twitter competitions to grow your followers

Damn it I love Twitter, and I recently had the pleasure of engaging with one of my favorite local businesses (Moddershall Oaks Spa Staffordshire) who were looking for idea’s to quickly grow their Twitter account with relevant and targeted followers. (That’s right, I dropped them an anchor text link, what of it?)

I have to admit these guys already do a great job with their social media efforts anyway so I was delighted that they listened to my ideas and that they achieved the results they wanted in UNDER 24 hours. Here a few of the idea’s that helped them do it.

(and they did most of them without me even mentioning it – Muchos Kudos)

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Google+ Local “The Best Bits”

I guess you heard right? Yeah, that’s right, the Google+ epidemic has claimed it’s latest victim in the shape of the treasured (and often spammed to death) Google Places. I jest of course (not about the spamming), on the face of it the newly branded Google+ Local looks pretty good and in reality everybody has been waiting for this to happen since the launch of G+ some months ago.

Google+ Local has been launched for about a week now and as is always the case when “The Big G” launches anything new there has been a flurry of activity in the blogsphere as every man and his dog tries to catch some traffic on the coat tails of the announcement. If you’ve been out of the loop for the last 7 days (or just been doing something else, like work or something) here’s a run down of the Google+ Local “Best Bits”…

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