A Wonka’s guide to advanced search operators

wonkaMost people already know Followerwonk is an extremely valuable tool for any SEO, I’ve been using it more and more of late for all manner of task related to social media stalking. (I’ve even been using it to find suppliers for eCommerce stores)

Even with the free access there’s a lot you can get out of Wonk, in particular from the Bio Search if you’re looking for connections. Anybody using this search often is sure to have experimented with some of the basic search operators already.

Disappointingly for search geeks though there’s very little documentation (I couldn’t find it at least) on getting more advanced with your queries unless you want to dig through the Sphinx reference manual. In truth it’s not a great read so I’ve pulled out a few gems which have been useful to me in the past, hopefully you’ll find a use for them too

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The future of SEO in 2014

I know, I know, it’s been an AGE since I last posted on this little ol’ blog of mine and for that dear reader I am extremely sorry. Do not fear however because the wait is finally over, and what’s more I didn’t write a single word of this post, save this magnificent introduction and scene setting.

For those of you who’ve been around here before, bless every last one of your hearts,  you may recall this time last year I got a bunch of smart SEO’s to answer one very simple question.

This year I’m asking the same, very wide question of our SEO prophets:

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The SEO’s Toolbox: Local Rank Tracker


Hello folks and welcome to this (very late!) instalment of The SEO’s Toolbox!

Today I’m joined by Darren Shaw of Whitespark, the company behind today’s featured tool the Local Rank Tracker. This tool is quite new to market so I’m really grateful to Darren for letting us have a sneaky peak under the bonnet. He’s also slipped in a little discount too for anybody who wants to give it a spin…

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6 reasons your eCommerce store NEEDS Google Webmaster Tools

logoJust in case there are store owners reading who are yet to discover Google’s Webmaster tools (WMT) it really is an essential bit of kit for pretty much anybody interested in generating search traffic to their website, and eCommerce store’s are well and truly in that bracket. In fact, it’s safe to say that it’s rare for me to come across an eCommerce store where the majority of traffic isn’t coming from Google on a day to day basis.

Webmaster tools is free service offered up by Google containing a number of insights into your eCommerce store which will help to identify issues, suggest improvements and discover how your site is viewed by the internet power house. If you are in the eCommerce biz and don’t have a WMT account hopefully by the end of this post you’ll be convinced it’s work your time.

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Interview with the worlds best looking man, Joel Klettke


Welcome dear friends!

I know, it’s been a while, but don’t fear ‘cuz I’m in great company for this post. Not only is he the best looking man in the world (according to Google), he’s also a published author, a connoisseur of excellent head gear and now a freelance copywriter.

Not necessarily in that order.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, today I’m joined by the one and only Joel Klettke. If you’ve been following this blog at all over the last 12 months you will know Joel has graced it with his fabulous writing more than once (you can read more of him here and here). I’m delighted that he agreed to answer a few questions on what looks to be an exciting future he has ahead.

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The SEO’s Toolbox: Keyword Eye


Today I welcome Matt Redford, the brains behind keyword eye, a keyword tool which has a number of really cool features. Matt approached me some time ago following the mention he got in the previous ubersuggest interview and I was only to happy to get him involved in the series.

Thanks to Matt for taking the time out to answer my questions and sharing more information about Keyword Eye!

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Going down the Path of a User Generated Content Strategy


Please give a warm welcome to Chris Dyson of Triple SEO! Many thanks go to him for donating this post on UGC and sharing his experiences and learning.

As I have started to build up some of my own niche websites this year I have been studying a lot more about the ways in which I can scale my content production as part of my niche site content strategy.

Time and again I keep coming back to looking in to a way in which I can build a community that can develop quality content for me at an ultra low cost, and no I’m not talking about automation or spinning in this instance.

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The anatomy of 16 great SEO blogs

logoFor those of you who’ve not been following my blogging journey over the last few months (Welcome, I’ve been waiting for you) I recently wrote a piece reviewing the first 12 months of StokedSEO.co.uk.

Amongst other things I listed a couple of goals for 2013, one of which was to move from the wordpress.com platform to my own hosted wordpress.org site (and this is it!). I think that the wordpress.com offering is exception at no cost but there were a few limitations I couldn’t live with any longer.

Thankfully, with some gentile guidance from Chris at hitreach the transition was pretty smooth so massive thanks to him  for being so supportive and understanding..

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The SEO’s Toolbox: Raven Tools

raven Yo Yo Yo Peeps!

Yep, it’s that time again and according to my calculations *counts fingers to be sure* this is the 7th instalment of “The SEO’s Toolbox” hope you’re all having fun?

Today I’m delighted to be joined by Jeremy from the mighty Raven Tools. It’s probably easier to list all the things you can’t do with Raven the toolset is so comprehensive, everything from SEO and Social to PPC and competitor analysis. I was recently hooked into an email conversation between a few SEO’s regarding the best tools available and Raven was one of the first out of the hat.

Thanks to Jeremy for taking part!

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The SEO’s Toolbox: Ahrefs

ahrefs-logoHello, hello, hello! Welcome to the 6th installment of the SEO’s toolbox series! Today I’m speaking to the CEO of one of the most exciting SEO and link analysis tool around, Dmitry of Ahrefs.

A little over 12 months ago a piece was written about Ahrefs titled, “the best link building tool you’ve never heard of”, fast forward to the hear and now, it’s safe to say most people are well aware of this tool!

Many thanks go to Dmitry for doing this interview, which needed to be translated for our English speaking audience  also to Iana for organising and making this happen. Very much appreciated…

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