The SEO’s Toolbox: Keyword Eye


Today I welcome Matt Redford, the brains behind keyword eye, a keyword tool which has a number of really cool features. Matt approached me some time ago following the mention he got in the previous ubersuggest interview and I was only to happy to get him involved in the series.

Thanks to Matt for taking the time out to answer my questions and sharing more information about Keyword Eye!

First of all welcome and thank you for agreeing to do this interview. To kick off I’d like to know a little more about you and how you first became involved with Keyword Eye?

No problem at all – happy to be here! I’m Matt, the one and only person behind Keyword Eye. This leaves me with design, development and critical tea / coffee making duties!

I’ve got a keen interest in web development and after becoming comfortable using the Google AdWords API I began experimenting with keyword visualizations. I began to display keyword suggestions in the popular word cloud format (after being inspired by Wordle). Taking it a step further, I experimented by altering the size of individual keywords based on their estimated search volume and colour based on how competitive they were. This is how the idea of Keyword Eye got started and it’s something that I’ve been building upon as a side project ever since.

Tell us more about Keyword Eye itself?

At its heart, Keyword Eye is a visual keyword brainstorming tool for PPC and SEO. Simply enter a broad seed keyword and it will return keyword suggestions in a cloud format, where keyword size reflects monthly search volume and colour represents how competitive it is. Additional data and visualizations can be found in the different tabs of a report and a contextual keyword right click menu which opens up more on-site and external insight / research possibilities.


It’s also a competitor and link analysis too. Simply enter a domain and it will return keywords it is ranking for in the search engines (PPC or SEO) in the same format as the same keyword cloud format.


Link wise, simply enter a domain and it will return keyword anchors and their individual referring domain / page link numbers in the cloud.


Link data is powered by the impressive ahrefs (which has previously been featured in the SEO Toolbox series) and keyword / competitor data is powered by SEMRush.

I wanted to create something that was easy, simple to use, fun and ultimately useful for a number of different audiences.

If there anything exciting coming up in the next few months? What does the future have in store for Keyword Eye? Do you have a vision of where you see Keyword Eye heading in the short to medium term?

We are just putting the finishing touches to a new keyword opportunity report which connects to Google Analytics. This report will gather your most visited keywords (paid or organic) for a website and enhance it with search engine specific data such as estimated search volume, cost per click, ranking and ranking URL to name a few. It is aimed to help you find / highlight:

  • Keywords with high potential that are bringing you traffic but are currently ranking outside of the top 10 for
  • Keywords that you rank highly for, bring traffic but have a high bounce rate. This would indicate that improvements are required for the ranking URL

These are just a few examples of how it could be interpreted.

In recent times we have integrated with the extremely useful Ubersuggest (SEO Toolbox interview here) and enabled quick domain look ups per keyword suggestion.

We like to listen to user feedback and build reports / features which are suggested to us. If your readers want to suggest something please let us know in the comments and I’ll be happy to investigate.

I’m still focusing on getting the name out there as much as possible within the SEO and related communities. There are much bigger players out there in the keyword and competitor research industry so I like to think that Keyword Eye is punching above its weight!

The way I tend to find out about the best tools (both new or old) is via blogs or presentations from other SEO’s who’ve often been using  them for a while. Is there any post or slide decks featuring your tool you’d recommend?

The irrepressible Mike King included Keyword Eye is his slide deck for SMX London last year. This deck includes so many super useful SEO, PPC and social media tools. It also highlights the most important tool of all, your brain.

[slideshare id=12955221&doc=michaelking-toolsforpullingrank-120516070959-phpapp01]

How about some headlines, give me a couple of interesting facts about Keyword Eye?

Keyword Eye was built in my spare time (I work full time for a UK digital agency called Extreme Creations) and is being bootstrapped This has been a challenge in terms of product development and marketing but it’s something I’m very proud of. I’ve learnt so much from a web programming and marketing perspective. I’d recommend more start-ups to try it this way.

On a lighter note, check out one of my earlier Keyword Eye homepages below. Stunning, right? J


What about pricing models?

We have a free account which allows for basic keyword reporting and a Pro service. Keyword Eye Pro includes more data as well as additional competitor and link analysis reports. This is available for an affordable £4.99 per month via PayPal.


  1. I hadn’t heard of Keyword Eye – so thanks for bringing Matt on. Looks like a great tool and I like the easy to process information it gives you. Much more user friendly than a lot of the other tools out there. I’d like to give this a shot – especially for competitor linking.

    Best of luck to you Matt!