The SEO’s Toolbox: Übersuggest

ubersuggest_boxWelcome to the 3rd in “The SEO’s Toolbox” series!

Today I’m delighted to be in the company of Alessandro Martin the Italian SEO behind the totally awesome Übersuggest keyword tool. I’m very greatful to Alessandro for giving up his time in order to answer my questions, I know he’s super busy working.

Grazie Mille Alex!

Übersuggest is one of the most popular and useful free keyword tools around (it actually powers the ultimate link building query generator from an earlier post), just a quick look at the site’s backlink profile will bring the scale of this tool’s popularity. Multiple links from industry leading sites like SEOmoz, SEOBook, SE Watch, Marketing Land and ProBlogger make for impressive reading.

First of all welcome and thank you for agreeing to do this interview. To kick off I’d like to know a little more about you and how you first become involved with Übersuggest?

“A couple of years ago one of my colleague said: “It would be nice if we could extract query suggestions from Google Suggest…” A few days later another colleague noted that adding different letters at the end of each word was a good way to obtain a useful list of related queries. Starting from that ideas end working at night and on weekends, I hacked a first version of Übersuggest. It was something like two years ago.”


Tell us more about Übersuggest itself?

“Übersuggest, technically speaking, is quite simple. Since it is built with open source libraries I’d like to thanks the authors of the library and components I used because they made my life so easy during the development.

The back end is built with Flask, a simple but powerful web micro framework for Python. Python itself is beautiful, simple and powerful programming language, I encourage any SEO who want learn how to program to give Python a shot. The front end is built with jQuery and Blueprint, a CSS framework with sensible presets that speed up the prototyping of web apps. Blueprint helps me a lot since a suck at CSS design.

As far as I know Übersuggest is mainly used by SEOs and PPC people to get keyword ideas but also by bloggers and copywriter to get topic ideas for blog posts and articles.”

If there anything exciting coming up in the next few months? What does the future have in store for Übersuggest? Do you have a vision of where you see Übersuggest heading in the short to medium term?

“I’m working an front end redesign because I don’t like the UI very much. I’m also thinking about new way to display the generated keywords to the users with a tag cloud or something like that. Lately you can use Übersuggest in combination with a great visual keyword tool called  Keyword eye. It’s a really good tool and you should give it a try.”


The way I tend to find out about the best tools (both new or old) is via blogs or presentations from other SEO’s who’ve often been using  them for a while. Is there any post or slide decks featuring your tool you’d recommend?

Many peoples have written about Übersuggest but I think that three of the best posts are:

(From Gaz – Another one from SEER (those guys really LOVE Übersuggest!) is this great video from Wil Reynolds in 2012, I’ve watched this one more than a few times)


 How about some headlines, give me a couple of interesting facts about Übersuggest?

“In December 2012 Google Analytics registered more than 60K visits and and about 260K page views. I think it’s an impressive result taking into account that I made zero marketing activities apart from sending an email to Ann Smarty a couple of years ago to let her know about the tool. I really want to thank Ann, Wil Reynold, Rand Fishkin and all the others bloggers and SEOs who give visibility to Übersuggest mentioning the tool in presentations, blog posts, videos and so on.”

What about pricing models?

“Übersuggest is free, in the near future I would like to host some banners without compromising the user experience. Since Übersuggest has a really targeted audience I think it could be a big opportunity for many advertisers.”