The SEO’s Toolbox: Social Crawlytics

YousafWelcome to the second in the series of the SEO’s toolbox!

Today I’m honoured to be in the company of Yousaf Sekander of Rocket Mill the brains behind the awesome social share monitoring tool “Social Crawlytics”.  Social Crawl (that’s what us cool kids call it) made quite a splash in 2012 and I was fortunate to get in on it very early. It’s an excellent social tool to monitor your own sites but for me it REALLY comes into it’s own when analysing competitors social activity.

Over to you Yousaf…

First of all welcome and thank you for agreeing to do this interview. To kick off I’d like to know a little more about you and how you first become involved with Social Crawlytics?

“Thanks for the opportunity. I work for RocketMill, a forward-thinking digital marketing company based in the UK. I come from a development background so I am very passionate about web technology and I love digital marketing. I spend most of my time playing with APIs, learning new stuff etc.

I was frustrated by the fact that there were no tools out there that could identify a site’s most shared content, particularly if the site in question had thousands of pages. I looked into pretty much all of the high profile social media analytics tools but didn’t find any that could do this simple yet important job. That’s what led me to creating Social Crawlytics.”

Tell us more about Social Crawlytics itself?

“Social Crawlytics is essentially a social media analysis tool that allows you to scan any website in order to identify their most shared content and their most shared authors(if they have implemented Google Authorship properly). You can use it to monitor your own site or more importantly you can use it to monitor and gauge your competitor’s content. It is a rather nifty tool that could save you a lot of money when it comes to producing potent content.


(Social Crawl stats for StokedSEO)

Within only a few months, Social Crawlytics attracted just shy of 7000 users, the vast majority of which are regular users. Our users include a rather large sizeable number of big brands who are using Social Crawlytics to monitor their competitor’s. And then there are a large number of agencies from different corners of the world utilizing Social Crawlytics for their clients. In short, the user base demonstrates that Social Crawlytics is loved and used by many professionals in the digital marketing industry.”

If there anything exciting coming up in the next few months? What does the future have in store for Social Crawlytics. Do you have a vision of where you see Social Crawlytics heading in the short to medium term?

I am in the process of building a link building app which might use Social Crawlytics API to find rich data.

Over the course of next few months I will also look into integrating link metrics in Social Crawlytics, however this subject to third party data providers agreeing to support our effort.

The way I tend to find out about the best tools (both new or old) is via blogs or presentations from other SEO’s who’ve often been using them for a while. Is there any post or slide decks featuring your tool you’d recommend?

[slideshare id=13755661&doc=perfecting-pitches-final-120725122041-phpapp02]
[slideshare id=14585124&doc=measuringthevalueofcontentmarketingv4-121004034021-phpapp02]
(From Gaz: There are also slides from Martin Macdonald at mozcon, more slides from Mike King  (he’s clearly impressed) and a great post by Yousaf  himself on the Rocket Mill blog)

How about some headlines, give me a couple of interesting facts about Social Crawlytics?

“We have just shy of 7000 users; the vast majority of them are using the app very regularly. I am really pleased with that as the tool has had no marketing at all and was only launched around 5 months ago.

I benchmarked the tool a few days ago by scanning, the app managed to scan 111895 pages in under 6 hours which a technically remarkable achievement given that it is a free service. Most paid for services charge you $200 a month and limit you to 10000 pages or something.

You can view that particular report over at

What about pricing models?

“Social Crawlytics is based on generosity and appreciation model which means it is completely free – however you can donate towards the server costs if you feel it deserves your support.”