The SEO’s Toolbox: Microsite Masters

microsite-masters-rank-trackerWelcome to the first post in what I hope will be a long running series of interviews I’ve been wanting to put together for some time now. I will be speaking to some of the amazing people behind SEO tools we all know and love over the coming months, hopefully bringing some insight into the great tools available to SEOs, and maybe bringing you a few hidden gems along the way?

First up is a rank tracking tool which I’ve been using for a little while now to follow a couple of clients sites and have been really impressed so far. Rank tracking is a hot topic at the moment with the announcement from Raven tools that they are to drop rank tracking and other scraped data in 2013 with others sure to follow. The irony of Google punishing others for scraping data won’t be lost on those of us who’ve been in the industry for more than 10 minutes.

Anyway, over to my first guest, Nick Cuttonaro of Microsite Masters….

First of all welcome and thank you for agreeing to do this interview. To kick off I’d like to know a little more about you and how you first became involved with Microsite Masters?

“We appreciate the opportunity to be selected for this interview.

My name is Nick Cuttonaro and I’ve been in the Internet marketing industry since 1999.  My “sweet spot” lies in the area of generating organic traffic (non-paid) and that’s been my focus since the late 90’s.  We started developing Microsite Masters in July of 2011 as there was a need in the industry for a reliable SERP tracker which provided ranking updates daily.

The toolset was initially created to better serve our clients at The Link Builders, an SEO and reputation management agency.  Running a successful SEO agency is always a challenge so having the right tools to get the job done is necessary.  Simply put, there wasn’t a rank tracker on the market that was able to provide what we needed so we decided to develop a solution internally.

The accuracy and reliability of other rank tracker tools in the market have often been “in question” so the decision to develop a solution to fill that void was necessary to run organic campaigns with greater precision while having a consistent and automated measure of accountability in place for our clients.

Understanding and articulating the cause and effects of changes in the SERPs internally and to clients is a critical part of running a successful SEO agency or campaign.  Microsite Masters is a solution that addresses those challenges.”


Tell us more about Microsite Masters itself?

“Microsite Masters is a daily web-based rank tracker that can be used for tracking the ranking results for corresponding keywords and websites on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  We provide Internet marketers and agencies the ability to centralize the management of tracking organic campaigns by logging into a dashboard where projects, websites, keyword sets, and ranking data can be accessed easily.

Professionals use our product so the task of obtaining ranking data from search engines is simplified, automated, and managed as service that we provide daily.  The days of checking rankings manually or keeping track of rankings by using spread sheets are over!

Microsite Masters users range from individuals monitoring their first and last name or brand / company name in the SERPs, organic affiliates, large SEO agencies utilizing our API, Internet marketing consultants, service providers in the SEO space, and in-house SEO professionals managing campaigns on behalf of Fortune 500 companies.

Every user has different reasons for monitoring the SERPs.  Microsite Masters is a platform which provides the flexibility to meet the demands of a wide range of users with varying needs.”

Anything exciting coming up in the next few months? What does the future have in store for Microsite Masters? Do you have a vision of where you see Microsite Masters heading in the short to medium term?

“Our interface will be going through a “face lift” in the next couple of months.  This is something that we’re really excited about because it will not only be focused on the aesthetic side of the platform, but it will also feature additional reporting metrics for domains tracked, ranking URL’s, keyword sets, and much more.

We’ve always taken pride in doing daily rank tracking extremely well.  There’s beauty in the simplicity of that model.  Less is often more when it comes to offering “can’t live without” features within the same toolset.  In the future, we plan to better educate our users on ways to use Microsite Masters in unique ways they so they can become more efficient when running SEO campaigns and achieve desired results with less resistance and uncertainty.”

The way I tend to find out about the best tools (both new or old) is via blogs or presentations from other SEO’s who’ve often been using them for a while.Is there any posts or slide decks featuring your tool you’d recommend?

“We’ve seen many SEO professionals use our public export links and graphs to demonstrate movements in the SERPs with their audience.  The most informative slide deck presentation I’ve come across was by Ian Howells where he shared a case study on his Penguin recovery process using ranking data provided by Microsite Masters.

[slideshare id=13410949&w=427&h=356&sc=no]

Ian did a fantastic job of sharing what was happening in the SERPs from the ranking data collected by Microsite Masters.  As a daily rank tracker we’re in a position to display ranking data which can pinpoint algorithm updates and keep track of actions taken by SEOers with greater accuracy than rank trackers updating weekly.

Daily rank tracking isn’t just for the “technical” or “advanced” SEO community.  It’s a fantastic way to keep a pulse on daily happenings in the SERPs in a way that a rank tracker which updates weekly isn’t providing the data needed to understand daily SERP movements so that more intelligent decisions can be made to achieve desired results.

Ian Howells used Microsite Masters in a unique way to measure and record the performance of the actions he was taking throughout his case study.  That functionality and the ability to publically export that information from our toolset is one of our most powerful features.”

How about some headlines, give me a couple of interesting facts about Microsite Masters?

“Microsite Masters is the definition of a “lean company”.  We’re self-capitalized, debt free, and have earned a name for ourselves in the SEO rank tracking and analytics space over the past 12 months by providing a service that we’re truly proud of and stand behind.

Our analysis on the Penguin Update still remains one of the most popular articles to shed light on that Google algorithm update in April of 2012.

We’re in a unique position to serve the needs of the SEO industry and we don’t take that for granted.  Our philosophy has always been to create a toolset that solves the challenges we’re having internally and provide the exact same technology to our industry.  To keep that spirit alive it’s important for us to actually use the toolset for its intended purpose every day so we can anticipate future developments in terms of features, streamlining processes, and automation.”

What about pricing models?

“We offer a variety of packages catering to the SEO requirements users may have.  Upgrading (and downgrading) your Microsite Masters account is extremely easy when you’re inside the interface so scaling whenever you’re ready should never be a challenge.

We’re pleased to offer all Stoked SEO readers an opportunity to become a Microsite Masters subscriber by take advantage a special offer to enjoying 50% off the first month’s payment by using this link:

We appreciate the opportunity to earn your rank tracking business if you’re not already currently subscribed and we’re confident we’ll meet your expectations in terms or reliability, performance, service, and price.  Our users mean the world to us and we’re truly grateful for their support and kind words over the past year.

And of course, a big shout out to Gaz for making this interview series happen.  Thanks again!”