The Ultimate Link Building Query Generator

Many of you will have caught this post from Jayson over at SEO Teky where he introduced us to his pretty sweet guest post finding tool.

The “Guest Post Query Generator” fetched keyword derivatives from UberSuggest and then generated the Google search query for each of these in real time. I was really impressed with how brilliantly simple this tool was, you simply put in your search term, wait a couple of seconds and you’re ready to rock.

Not only was I impressed but it made me think, could you use this spreadsheet to generate other queries for link building?

Guest posting is one of the hot tactics on the link building scene, possibly too hot as discussed by Chairman Cutts in the video below (Kudos to AJ Kohn for asking the question!) but it’s not the only tactic in the SEO’s toolbox.

**UPDATE 28 April 2013 – Unfortunately Ubersuggest have needed to add a captcha to the tool which means this spreadsheet no longer works 🙁 I’m currently looking at some alternatives and hope to be up and running again soon**

**UPDATE 11 December 2012Chris Dyson dropped a really great tip over on the boom online blog where he talked about link building with blog round ups. Not a tactic that is widely talked about in my experience, so I promptly stole the idea and added it to the query generator!

Thanks Chris!**


I’ve been a bit of a spreadsheet geek in a previous life, although mainly Excel rather than Google, but undeterred I set about hacking Jayson’s offering to within an inch of it’s column widths. What I came up with, ripping off pretty much all of Jayson’s original coding it has to be said, was a tool which rather than being specifically to find guest posting opportunities allows you to select one of five popular tactics to hunt down.  As follows:

  1. Guest Posting (Default)
  2. Giveaways
  3. Directories
  4. Authority Domains

You can get the spreadsheet here

I won’t go over the basics of how the spreadsheet works, it’s pretty simple to use but if you are having a hard time jump back over to Jayson’s original post which goes through everything you need to know. There is only one simple change which you need to know about in red below:

In cell B3 you will find a drop down list which allows the selection of the specific opportunity you are looking for. The quality of results will vary dependant on the keyword and opportunity selected in my experience. For example selecting “Giveaways” gives best results when matched with a retail/product query where as the “comments” option works really well with informational keywords.

One thing which Jayson didn’t really cover off in his blog post was how to quickly harvest the results of these queries in order to start prioritising and stripping out the low quality stuff. As he did all the hard work explaining about the tool works I thought this was something I could cover in a bit more detail.

First of all, once you have entered your search term in B2 and selected the desired tactic from the drop down list in B3 you will be presented with a long list of URL’s in column H. You can open these links individually if you wish but for me it was much quicker to paste the 10 best looking queries into a tool such as to open the queries in multiple windows. Just drop the URL’s in the box provided and hit “Open All”

The reason I suggest selecting the 10 best looking queries is 2 fold.

Firstly, as good as Ubber Suggest is at generating potential keywords it’s inevitable that many of them won’t be suitable for either the type of tactic you have selected to run or they won’t be compatible with the niche you are looking at.

Secondly, I tried to open around 50 of the links at one time and my laptop just looked at me with a “You’re joking me, right?” look and slowed to the pace of a lame tortoise.

Scraper for Chrome

Once you have 10 open windows displaying the results generated by the tool’s queries you can set about scraping those down for further analysis using your favourite scraper, I personally like  “Scraper for Chrome” to do this job as it will drop the URL’s into another Google Document for you to work on in a second.

If you’re unsure as to where you should dump this list may I suggest to you the SEOMoz Google docs tool would be a good place to start? I have to admit to only very quickly trying this tool some time ago now but it will append your list of URL’s with all the usual SEOMoz goodness in order for you to quickly sort the wheat from the chaff.

So there it is, hopefully I have made a good enhancement to what was already a great little tool and hopefully the change, along with the other tips will save you guys even more time. Again massive credit goes to Jayson for putting the thing together in the first place, and for being to cool about me hacking it. This tool has already had a long line of credits to (Dan ShureDean Cruddace EvolvingSEO Uberfest of Ubbersuggest post,  Tom Anthony and Tom Critchlow) to which I’d also like to add these guys, Cleo Kirkland, my mum, my dog and of course my high school Excel teacher..

I’d love to hear if anybody has further comments on how the tool could grow even further going forward, or indeed if it’s helped you in your efforts so far. Just let me know in the comments, they are much appreciated. If your a member you can also vote this up on!

Post by Gaz Copeland


  1. Great great tool 🙂 A big help for everybody, some people might think that this is too easy and might be no use but again if you can convert your query and use it to the tool – BIG HELP. is a good choice if you want to go speedy. I also got linkclump for chrome here to help me open url’s simultaneously:)

    • As I’ve already said Jayson, without your work I would never have had the idea and in truth this is only a small mod. Hopefully though it does add a lot of value to what was already a good tool!

  2. Instead of you should try LinkClump, it’s a Chrome Extension that you can use to open multiple URL by right mouse dragging over the links;

  3. Hey Gaz,

    This is an impressive tool and a very efficient process. Thank for for sharing your methodology, I’m going to be testing this out over the next couple of weeks, can’t wait to see the results!

  4. Spreadsheets, link building and advanced search queries in one post.

    My inner geek is in love with you, Gaz! haha!

  5. ^ I also use linkclump. Easily my favorite chrome extension simply due to all the seconds I save on a daily basis. It works, and works really well.

    As for the link query generator – amazing tool. Now that you added the drop downs the tool becomes totally expandable to simple folks like myself, since I can easily edit the code to add/edit other link query targets.

  6. I had this exact thought when I found SEOTecky’s Guest Post tool. But got frustrated and gave up. Glad someone had more dedication than I did.

    Although the link doesn’t seem to work! :s

  7. Cell B3 is missing the dropdown menu.

    And thanks for putting in the time to generate all those other queries. Very helpful. Jayson Bagio’s tool can be customized in so many ways. It’s a great tool. Thanks to both you guys!

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  9. Hello Gaz,

    This is just incredible!!!

    Let’s see how much I can dive into make alterations ;0) Your a legend and deserve the credit! Thanks mate

  10. ahilliardm says:

    Amazing stuff! Thanks to you & Jayson, this tool will save time in prospecting for targeted connections.

    Here is another tool for opening multiple URLs (for those who use Firefox)