Mastering Inbound Marketing with 43 Free Ebooks

I’m a firm believer that there is a ton of great information and insight available about many aspects of inbound marketing  all over the internet and much of it is completely free of charge. 100% Gratis. In fact, I don’t “Believe” this, it’s just a fact, deal with it.

There’s often a stigma attached to anything “free”, people think that free means it has no value but nothing could be further from the truth in many cases. Giving away free eBooks and white papers is a legitimate inbound tactic in it’s own right, and if they are not great quality you’re doing it wrong. Now to be clear, by “free” I mean they don’t cost any money, you may need to hand over an email address, or pay with a Tweet but I promise, not a single credit card or paypal account required.

I’ve created this list of 38 (Now 43!) free eBooks and white papers from various sources, some I used myself when I was learning the trade, some I’ve picked up more recently and the rest have been recommended to me or are from trusted sources. This is going to be a work in progress so feel free to add your own recommendations in the comments and I’ll consider adding them to the list.

Blogging / Content

The backbone of any inbound strategy and one of the most fundamental tools  is sure to be content marketing and blogging. These PDF’s will give you a great overview of various aspects of creating the all conquering “great content”.

Title: Changes at Google Highlight the Importance of content marketing (NEW)

Publisher: JPL Creative   Cost:Free

Title: How to Build and Operate a Content Marketing Machine (NEW)

Publisher: Marketo   Cost:Free

Title: Guest Blogging Ebook (NEW)

Publisher: My Guest Blog   Cost:Free

Title: 100 Content Marketing examples

Publisher: Content Marketing Institute   Cost: eMail Address

Title:Killer Flagship Content

Publisher:Chris Garrett   Cost: eMail Address

TitleIntroduction to Business Blogging

Publisher: HubSpot   Cost: eMail Address

Title: Viral Copy: Trading Words for Traffic

 Publisher: Copy Blogger  Cost: Free

Title: 13 Copy Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Publisher: Portent Interactive   Cost: Free

Title: A Practical Guide to Killer Marketing Content

Publisher: HubSpot   Cost: eMail Address

Title: The Content Marketing Manifesto

Publisher: Kuno Creative   Cost: eMail Address

Title: The Content Marketing Playbook

Publisher: Content Marketing Institute   Cost: Free

Link Building

Link Building it still a hugely important part of SEO/Inbound Marketing and is likely to be for the foreseeable future. There are significant number of strategies employed by link builders in order to successfully attract links many of which are discussed in the below ebooks.

Title: Becoming a Clockwork Pirate

Publisher: Kelvin Newman Cost:Tweet

Title: The Complete 6 Month Link Building Game Plan

Publisher: iAcquire Cost: Tweet/eMail Address

Title: The Linkbait BrainstormWorkbook

Publisher: Distilled Cost: Free

Title: 2012 Link Building Secrets Revealed

Publisher: Pole Position Marketing Cost: eMail Address

Title: The Inbound Marketing Guide to Link Building

Publisher: Optify Cost: eMail Address


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a set of tactics and strategies designed to increase the viability of  a website in the likes of Google, Yahoo and Bing. A successful SEO campaign considers a wide variety of factors, both on the website itself and on other related websites.

Title: How to Perform a Technical SEO Audit (NEW)

Publisher: Koozai Cost: Email

Title: Getting Started With SEO (NEW)

Publisher: Web Gnomes Cost: Email

Title:  SEO Starter Guide

Publisher: Google Cost: Free

Title: The Beginners Guide to SEO

Publisher: SEOMoz  Cost: eMail Address

Title: The Marketing Director’s Guide to Search

Publisher: Site Visability    Cost: eMail Address

Title: Driving Search Traffic Through Off-Page SEO 

Publisher: iAcquire    Cost: Free

Title: A Simple, Step by Step System for Better Results

Publisher: SEO Fast Start  Cost: eMail Address

Title: Let’s Cut to the Chase

Publisher: The Escape  Cost: Free

Title: Hobo Guide to Google SEO

Publisher: Hobo  Cost: eMail Address

Title: The Web Developers Cheat Sheet

Publisher: SEOMoz   Cost: Free


Social Media

If your Inbound Marketing doesn’t include social, you’re doing it wrong. Facebook, Twitter and more recently Google + are all essential to your campaign.

Title: The Definitive Guide to B2B Social Media (NEW)

Publisher: Marketo  Cost: Free

Title: Unlocking Social Media for PR (NEW)

Publisher: PR Newswire  Cost: Email

Title: Getting Started with Google +

Publisher: Koozai Cost: eMail Address

Title: A Geek’s Guide to Twitter

Publisher: Geekpreneur Cost: Free

Title: Social Media & Social Networking Starting Points

Publisher: Chris Brogan Cost: Free

Title: Beyond the Facebook Business Page

Publisher: HubSpot Cost: eMail Address

Title: Introduction to Social Media Measurement 

Publisher: HootSuite Cost: Free

Title: Learning Linkedin from the Experts

Publisher: HubSpot Cost: eMail Address


If you’re going to effectively build relationships online, great use of outreach is a key tool to have in your toolbox.

Title: Quantifying Outreach – What We Learned From 300,000 Outreach eMails

Publisher: iAcquire Cost: Tweet/eMail Address

Title: eMail Marketing Field Guide

Publisher: Mail Chimp Cost: Free

Title: Optimizing eMail Marketing for Conversions

Publisher: HubSpot Cost: eMail Address


The ability to record and analyse your inbound marketing efforts are key in order to learn what works and to give insight into your overall campaigns. Having a huge amount of data is great, but what are you going to do with it?

Title: Unlock the ROI of your Marketing with analytics

Publisher: HubSpot   Cost: eMail Address

Title:   Google Analytics a Beginners Guide

Publisher:  Quick Blog Tips  Cost: Free

Title: Regular Expressions for Google Analytics

Publisher: Luna Metrics  Cost: Free

Title:  The Complete Guide to Email Marketing Analytics

Publisher: Sign Up.To  Cost: Free

Title: An Introduction to Inbound Marketing Analytics

Publisher: HubSpot    Cost: eMail Address

Title:  Web Analytics Demystified

Publisher: Web Analytics Demystified   Cost: eMail Address


Still wanting more? Are you crazy? Either way here are a few extra lists of a few hundred eBooks I found whilst doing research for this post pretty sweet no? I must admit, I haven’t read all of these, if they turn out to be pants, I’m sorry.

HubSpot Directory of Internet Marketing eBooks and White Papers

SEOptimise 25 Free Social Media Marketing, SEO eBooks, White Papers and Other Downloads (catchy title eh?)

Search Engine Watch SEO Whitepapers

Mashable 15 Social Media White Papers and eBooks

MailChimp Marketing Guides

Chris Brogan – 20 Free eBooks about Social Media

What did I miss?

If I missed out a great free resource on the list (or if you think any of the above shouldn’t be here) make sure you a pop a comment below! I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts

Thanks to everybody who helped me put together this post, and obviously to those who put together the eBooks in the first place!

Post by Gaz Copeland


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    Pleased I could help you out and contribute to this fantatstic resource post. A lot of ebooks here I will have to check out.
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  2. Great reads for this weekend. 🙂 Looking for more inbound marketing E-books.

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