Sharing is Caring: 10 Tips To Get Your Content “Out There”

1.  Write Good Stuff Damn it!

This one has been done to death but if you don’t have content that is at least decent it stands almost no chance of being shared by anybody. I would stress that you don’t have to write killer content every single time, just writing decent stuff coupled with more of the tips below will get you shares. Similarly, just having immense content and doing nothing else is probably not going to get you anywhere.

2. Be Topical

People always want to know more about current news or events and if you can link your content to something topical the chances of it being shared dramatically increase. Timing is everything when creating topical content,  send it out too early and it may not quite be a hot topic, too late and you’ve missed the boat completely. There will already be tons of people writing about it and you will be lost in the crowd.

For example, the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic has recently past, see below chart from Google Trends. You would want to be publishing any Titanic related content somewhere around the beginning of the red arrow in order to ride the wave (awful pun, sorry) of interest in the story.

As a matter of fact Shaun Anderson over at Hobo managed to shoehorn The Titanic into one of his SEO Blog posts, he’s an old pro as this sort of thing 😉

3. Have a Great Headline!

They say that first impressions count right? Well in the world of content your headline is your first impression and it can literally make or break your latest piece. If people aren’t enticed in by a killer headline then there is very little chance of them sharing. That said, a killer headline alone can mean shares, without the sharer even reading the piece, great headlines are THAT powerful.

Check out Copy Blogger’s “How to write headlines that work” article for more details on what you need to make a shareable, clickable headline.

4. Social Sharing Buttons

In order to get more people sharing you’ve got to make the act of sharing as easy as possible, this means having social sharing buttons right there on each and every page. Knowing what works for your niche is important hare and ensuring the relevant social networks are represented  with buttons. Twitter and Facebook are generally a minimum but others to consider are Google+, Linkedin and StumbleUpon.

Other social and sharing networks your content might find an audience include

  • Tagged
  • Bebo
  • Tumblr
  • pInterest
  • Digg
  • Reddit
  • YouTube

Having the sharing buttons in a couple of places is a good idea, don’t just have them at the bottom of your post (Ever heard the saying “Do as I say, not as I do”? – Yeah, that.)

5. Build a Network

Graphic: MentionMap

Building up a network of friends in you niche is of huge benefit when it comes to sharing. People who you have a strong relationship with are much more likely to help you out by spreading the word (even if the content isn’t that good). You more than likely already have a network of people you know through your off line life who you could leverage in the short term but growing this network over time will ensure you can almost guarantee a certain amount of shares on every piece of content you produce.

6. Share Content From Other People

This tip links back to the “build a network” point in a lot of ways. By sharing the content of other people you are building a relationship with them and they often want to return the favor.

7. Ask For a Review

Asking somebody (or a group of people) to review your new content before it is published is something I almost always do with every piece of content I produce as the benefits are two fold. Firstly, if you select the right people, you will get some excellent feedback on which bits were good, which not so much and often a couple of tips on ways you could improve the piece. I’ve been lucky enough to have some great people review my work for this SEO blog and the content is 10 times better because of it. (I know, you should have seen it before I published it right?)

Secondly by asking for an opinion you are gaining interest and buy in to the content, even before it is published! The reviewer(s) in my experience are always keen to help you spread the word, especially if you take on board some of the advice and incorporate it into your content. As long as it is of a good standard and you pick the right person/people I would go so far as to say this tip works 100% of the time! 

If you’re not sure who you should be asking to review your work Kristi Hines wrote a great article over at iAcuire “6 Tools to find online influencers in your vertical” – Check it out.

Massive thanks to those who reviewed this article, and those who have given my others the once over too. I love you guys.

8. Ask People to Share (If you don’t ask…)

I recently reached out to Ian Lurie CEO of Portent to ask what he thought was the best tip to increase the number of shares your content will receive via socail media (he doesn’t know I was writing this post at the time 🙂 ) and this is what he came back with..

9. Reference others (and let them know)

You’ll see throughout this article I’ve referenced much smarter and accomplished people than myself who’s work adds more detail to the general points I’ve made. Pretty shortly after I publish this article I’ll be pinging them something along the lines of “Hey, I linked out to you in my latest article, check it out..” Hopefully they will indeed check it out and then share it when they’re done *Waves to all those reading who I’ve referenced and pinged, share buttons are below 🙂 *

10…and Finally

I’d love to hear any more tips you’d like to add on how to get more social shares for your content, drop me a message below, I look forward to reading them.

….and last but not least, if you liked this article why not share it?? 🙂

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