SEO Rappers Delight #SEOMusic

One of the things I love most about the SEO community is the people, some of the friendliest, intelligent and most inspirational folks I have come across are working in this industry. Another thing which stands out about the people and which is something I can totally identify with is their love of music. Alessio compiled a great piece a little while ago “Now that’s what SEO’s call music” which was an amazing insight into what SEO’s listen to when plying their trade.

I don’t know what it is about the industry but it seems that every other SEO I come across is/was/wants to be a rapper and that’s cool with me. I’ve pulled together some of the best SEO related raps for your entertainment.

Mike King – iPullRank

Mike is probably the most famous of the SEO Rappers, I was amazed to read his slides “What being an indie rapper taught me about SEO” because he actually WAS a rapper, and a great one. (you can get his CD’s on Amazon and everything)

I ain’t on the payroll, so I’m gonna say this slowly. Roger Mozbot’s my Homie



Neil Walker – SEO Mad

Neil gives and amazing wrap up of SASCON last year, a simply amazing way to end a conference!

At least you feel my passion, I segmented all that data so I could make an ACTION.


Chuck – The SEO Rapper

I first came across Chuck because of his work on the E-Webstyle SEO Podcast (which I would recommend) but he is well know as “The SEO Rapper”. Chuck has a load of SEO based lyrics over on his site including the one below featuring the “hubspot crew”


Aaron Goldman – Lyrical G

Aaron is an SEO rapper out of Chicago who is all over the web, he’s also the author of “Everything I know about marketing I learned from Google“. Aaron (or his alter ego the PPC MC) has gotten into some epic battles with Chuck over time


Dan Shure – Evolving SEO 

To be fair Dan isn’t a rapper, well, he may be but I can’t find any evidence of that on YouTube. I can find evidence of him playing keyboards for Hip-Hop/R&B group  “The Press Project“. Previous readers of the blog will know I’m a massive fan of Dan’s (see “Awesome SEOs on Twitter” article) so any excuse to mention him is fine by me, plus he looks super cool in this video..(song starts at 2 minutes)


Seedwell – Search Engine Rap Battle

Seedwell are a crazy creative studio which I happened upon completely by chance via their hilarious Search Engine Rap Battle videos.

Well connected, I got CRAZY links. SEO just means what Google thinks.


I’d love to hear any more SEO music videos you guys know of, just drop them in the comments below.

Post by Gaz Copeland


  1. YO! thanks for the mention bro, really appreciate it.
    I’m not classy smashed, I just wanna rap a bit.

    (ok, back to work and trying to be as serious as possible) 😀

  2. Scary.

  3. alanchar1978 says:

    Think Neil Walker has the best connection SEO, hope he pulls something out of the bag for SasCon 2012