Awesome SEO’s you probably don’t follow on Twitter (but should!)

I use Twitter A LOT (probably too much in fact) in order to stay up to date with all the great ideas and thinking going on in the SEO community, I think that’s mainly because I’m lazy and can only stay interested for up to 140 characters (sometimes).

Most SEO’s  I know follow many of the same big guns in the industry, those with literally tens, or hundreds of thousands of followers such as Danny Sullivan, Rand FishkinAaron Wall & Matt Cutts (If you don’t follow any of these people you’re probably not interested in SEO, in which case you will find this pretty boring.)

However, there are many, many excellent SEO’s throwing out all sorts of great content which for some reason or another don’t seem to attract anywhere close to that following.  Listed below, in no particular order are SEO’s who I believe deserve much more of an audience on Twitter than they currently enjoy, most of the below have just a few hundred followers (all have less than 1,000). This is your chance to try something new, go on, you might like it….

*UPDATE 18 October 2012*

MackFogelson (twitter) – Mack Web Solutions (Blog) – 505 Followers

Ok so this is a joke right Twitter? Mackenzie has been absolutely smashing it all over SEOMoz in recent months and still only just a touch over 500 followers? How can that be right? Is there no justice?? If you don’t already know just how amazing Mack’s writing is then pop over to Moz and check out this (62 Thumbs) and this (74 Thumbs)…Need I say more?

*UPDATE 14 May 2012*

iAcquire (twitter) – iAcquire (Blog) – 629 Followers

A first for this article, the above account isn’t an individual SEO but a digital marketing agency which is going to blow up in the coming year!  How can I be sure of this? Two reasons. Firstly the content, they’re putting out top notch advice every few days, also they have something a little unique for an iMarketing blog – a comic strip. Secondly, the people involved, Mike King and Kristi Hines plus a recent guest post by James Agate (featured below!)

*UPDATE 12 March 2012*

I’ve decided that I want to keep adding to this article because there are loads of awesome SEO’s with modest following and these guys deserve much more credit! This is the first of (hopefully) many updates adding the list, get following these tweeps. You won’t regret it!

Joel K (twitter) – Best looking man in the world (blog) – 464 Followers

Yes, you read it right, Joel is officially the best looking man in the world. Don’t believe me? Just ask Google! Joel is another straight talking SEO (who clearly doesn’t take himself too seriously) If you didn’t know him before then I’m sure you caught his amazing guest post “SEO needs and Anti-Hero” this provoked some much needed and welcome discussion over on Very entertaining and informative Tweep.

Himanshu (twitter) – SEO Takeaways (blog) – 745 Followers

Himanshu is another UK based SEO who in my opinion is very quietly pushing out some of the best new SEO content from around the web. I honestly can’t believe he reads all of the articles he tweets out but without fail everyone I pick up via Himanshu is of fantastic quality. Not content with filtering other people’s articles he also manages to put together some one’s of his own which aren’t too shabby either (in other words, they’re awesome!) I have the up most respect for anybody who writes instructions on being a “Ninja“, WordPress or otherwise.

Nick LeRoy (twitter) – Nick LeRoy (blog) – 689 Followers

We’ll get this out of the way right from the get go, yes, he does look a bit like that Jason Bourne guys doesn’t he? But wait, don’t let that put you off, he’s a got a really great blog too. I would describe Nick as a slightly “edgy” SEO, I mean, if you’re going to title your posts things like “Balls deep linking” what else would you call him?

* Original Tweeps*

Jason Acidre (twitter)  – Kaiser The Saige (blog) – 856 Followers

Jason holds the dubious honour of being the only SEO I follow based outside of Europe or the USA and I would guess that’s probably the case for many of his followers. The amount of articles he must read every single day is phenomenal and he manges to uncover and RT’s some absolute gems, interspersed with uplifting and inspiring mantras! Jason’s blog is littered with some fantastically insightful link building content, check it out. Now.

Jon Cooper (twitter) – Point Blank SEO (blog) – 558 Followers

I think Jon is currently the “golden boy” of SEO, he is literally everywhere at the moment and getting love from some of the big hitters of internet marketing and it’s thoroughly deserved. Jon’s blog is being updated almost daily with guest posts, interviews and original content from the man himself and is a must read. One of his most popular pieces is “50 pages & people every SEO should have in their circles” – Link bait gold!…oh yeah, and did I mention he’s only 18?

Sean R’vll (twitter) – 01100111011001010110010101101011 (blog) – 370 Followers

I’ve never come across anybody quite like Sean in this industry before, after all, who uses binary as their blog URL and Twitter handle? The unique humour Sean brings to the internet marketing table via his blog and twitter account truly crack me up. I’m not quite sure if he’ll thank me for this mention and if you read his “SEO people list” you’ll understand why. Just for the record, I’ve made no reference to Sean’s SEO ability (I’m sure he’s pretty good though 😉 )

Dan Shure (twitter) – Evolving SEO (blog) – 491 Followers

Another great SEO from across the water (from me at least) is Dan Shure. You only need to read a couple of Dan’s posts to see how passionate about SEO this guy is. I’ve gotten some great tips from Dan’s Twitter feed and have been inspired by his writing, particularly “It’s not about the SEO” where he talks about making a few simple SEO changes helping people to feed their families. When you think about it like that, being an SEO geek seems pretty cool!

James Agate (twitter) – Skyrocket SEO (blog) – 891 Followers

James is another UK based SEO who regularly produces great articles  on his blog covering a whole range of internet marketing topics. Most recently he incredibly read my mind and produced a top piece on how to craft high conversion outreach emails, just as I was looking for killer article on the subject. He’s also given my articles the once over before now, which is extremely generous for such a busy man. What. A. Guy.

Gaz Copeland (twitter) – Stoked SEO (blog) – 160 Followers

Ok, ok, hands up this last one is a little bit of self promotion so I’m not going to make too much of it. If you’d like to follow me I’d appreciate it, if not, at least check out the guys above!

Post by Gaz Copeland


  1. I already follow all these great guys on Twitter. They are creating & curating some great content at the moment & I highly recommend any one new to SEO follow them all.

    Another I recommend is @cstechjoel ~ Joel’s got a wicked sense of humor and isn’t afraid to say it how it is.