An alternative to “Inbound Marketing”? (Poll)

I awoke this morning to see a flurry of activity jamming up my Twitter feed talking about possible alternatives to the “Inbound Marketing” phrase. I know many people in the industry are not completely comfortable with the term (myself included) so I was extremely interested to see the alternatives being suggested. The debate itself had been sparked by Rand Fiskin (co-founder of himself, credit to Rand for putting the question “out there”.

I had a quick trawl through the reply’s to find some really nice alternatives being suggested. I’ve listed those most frequently mentioned below, what do you think?

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  1. There is SEO 2.0, digital asset optimization (DAO) and findabilty.
    Never heard of earned media, organic marketing or unmarketing. It seems someone made them up on the fly.

    • Earned media isn’t “made up”. It’s used heavily in traditional PR, and especially so in political marketing. The split is Paid Media vs. Earned Media which is about as simple as I think it gets.

    • All terms have to be “made up” at some point I guess 🙂 The answers were taken from the responses Rand was getting to his tweet, I didn’t see them all but these seemed the more popular options.

  2. I chose SEO. proud to be, and actually I don’t like too much when we have to invent names for something that already has a name.

    SEO is evolving, but it’s still SEO.

    • iamBoris says:

      agreed. is all about SEO. hate buzz names as much as i do buzzwords. People are just about understanding what SEO actually is.

      Is like DTP, Typesetter, Artworker, Mac Operator.. Stick to one and be done!

  3. Why need another name – all these activities are MARKETING.
    The whole inbound, outbount, content marketing, SEO…is just terms vendors and consulting come up with. 10 yearf from now they will be forgotten, just like we forgot telemarketing or other terms from previous decades. Yet MARKETING will continue to exist.

  4. Internet Marketing, shirley?

  5. Gonna have to agree with Ian on this one, all marketing activity (media) is either earned or purchased. I don’t much care for the ‘inbound marketing’ term as a “term to replace SEO” but I think there is some merit to it as a solid description for describing activities which drive traffic or eyeballs to a digital asset(s).

    Of all of these terms the only one that really sticks out for me as having no place here is unmarketing, I understand the carrot here but I have never been a fan of calling something exactly what it isn’t – at the end of the day, it’s ALL marketing.